Body Care treatments

Satin Body

Perfect treatment for those whose body needs renewal and regeneration. Peelings used during the treatment perfectly clean whole body, improving flexibility, and leaving skin silky smooth. Carefully selected energising fogs and serum will add body vitality and wrap it with pleasant smell

Time: 50 minutes Price: 225 PLN

Exclusive renewal

Exquisite pleasure for body with wonderful aroma, improving skin appearance and condition. The ritual contains on peeling off whole body along with massage elements, rejuvenating serum, and intensively moisturising mask. After the treatment body is smooth and wrapped in sweet smell.

Time: 75 minutes Price: 295 PLN

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Coffee slimming ritual

Intensive slimming ritual filling your senses with aromatic smell of fresh roasted coffee seeds. During the treatment whole body coffee peeling is performed. Caffeine in serum and coffee mask has an anti-cellulite effect, speeds up metabolism, and supports toxin removal. Caffeine provides skin with energy, has intensive slimming and detoxing effect.

Time: 75 minutes Price: 350 PLN

Chocolate bliss:

Treatment with a smell of hot chocolate will raise level of your happy hormones and fill up all your senses. It is a perfect relaxation and pleasure for all senses. Exquisite chocolate qualities will cheer you up, tone up your skin, and moisturise your body.

Time: 75 minutes Price: 360 PLN

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