New - Cell Vitale

An innovative and exclusive treatment based on stem cells from alpine rhododendron and oligoelements of the best thermal waters in the world: soothing from the Pyrenees, antioxidant from the Alps and oxygenating from Anatolia. Oxygenates and moisturizes the cells, wrapping them with the lipid coat, perfectly illuminating and rejuvenating the skin. In addition, it tightens and lifts the oval of the entire face.

Cell Vitae

duration 75 min / price: 550 zł


From a young age, our skin has to struggle with many problems and fight multiple dangers. This is why, to preserve beautiful and healthy skin for as long as possible, we should keep its balance by providing it daily with necessary elements for proper development and functioning. It is important to systematically and properly care for our skin, increasing its defence mechanisms and making it resistant to external factors. This is why Académie Scientifique de Beaute created a line Hypo-Sensible: the answer to various needs.

Zabiegi na twarz

Hypo-Sensibile line products contain innovative and effective and efficient active ingredients, which do not cause allergic reaction. Skin is soft, flexible and lighten-up.

Hypo-Sensible line treatments:

  • Apricot calmness: express beauty treatment for every skin type. Removes fatigue and lighten up skin.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 260 PLN
  • Royal feast: nutrition treatment for dry, mature, and fatigued skin. Perfectly nourishing, smoothing, and softening skin.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 260 PLN
  • Tea garden: anti-ageing treatment with white tea for mature skin. Slows down skin ageing symptoms. Dynamising, restoring flexibility, bringing comfort and skin tension improvement.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 260 PLN
  • Honey temptation: treatment with hyaluronic acid for dehydrated skin. Moisturising, bringing comfort, and shallowing wrinkles caused by skin dehydration.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 260 PLN
  • Touch of earth: cleansing energising treatment for problematic skin with sebum overproduction Immediate cleansing effect and skin regeneration.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 260 PLN
  • Cleansing-energising treatment for men: for man skin, which needs special care. It guarantees effect of perfection thanks to double exfoliation. Cleansing, energising, and exfoliating skin, bringing feeling of freshness.
Time: 60 minutes, price: 270 PLN

*Each face treatment can be performed in Premium version, including Endermolift massage

Derm Acte

Emergency aid for fatigued skin

To answer the needs of a modern woman in 21st century, Académie created ultraspecialist medispa line named Derm-Acte. It is a revolutionary discovery from scientific laboratories in the field of dermocosmetics and dermatology.

Designed by pharmacists, it is a combination of traditional cosmetology with dermatology, defining a new trend on medspa market.

Derm-Acte is a hyperactive line, which can be used

  • between treatments to optimise effects,
  • as emergency aid for stressed skin which has fatigue symptoms.
  • as a maximum prevention during every season change;
  • as an alternative to plastic surgeries for those who do not want this kind of interference with their bodies.

Face treatments of DERM-ACTE line:

  • Ton-up treatment with Vitamin C rebuilding and visibly toning up skin, reducing wrinkles. Skin regains its tension, brightness, vitality, energy, flexibility, and strength.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 380 PLN
  • Intensively rejuvenating expert Treatment for fatigued and mature skin. Smoothing deep and shallow wrinkles. Perfectly toning up face oval, make skin 'filled up', strengthen, and brighten.
Time: 90 minutes Price: 440 PLN
  • Oxygenation-stimulation treatment Thanks to concentrated plant extract, the treatment immediately brightens up and oxygenates fatigued skin. Makes skin look fresh and rested, and strengthens natural skin protective barrier.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 350 PLN
  • Collagenous mask treatment Optimal moisturisation. Reducing wrinkles, visibly smoothing skin, bringing a feeling of softness and comfort.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 390 PLN
  • Anti-reddening treatment for very reactive skin. Actively reduces skin redding. Brings immediate relief, brings back fresh and brighten up appearance.
Time: 75 minutes Price: 370 PLN

*Each face treatment can be performed in Premium version, including Endermolift massage

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