Gdańsk Harvest Beer Festival

On 23rd September we held the inauguration of the 9th edition of Gdańsk Harvest Beer Festival - Oktoberfest 2017. The ceremonial opening of the first barrel of our specially-brewed Hotel Gdańsk Boutique beer was accompanied by the performance of the famous Pod Wyrwigroszem Cabaret. Over 200 people attended this occasion. The beer enthusiasts were entertained with live music, wonderful atmosphere, delicious food, and as would be expected at an Oktoberfest, the exquisite beer, served in 1-litre mugs.

The local-produced specialities of Old Danzig cuisine, as well as traditional Bavarian treats, were also abundant. The menu included, among other delicacies, Pork knuckle in beer served with fried cabbage, Old Danzig grilled sausages, Ribs a'la Brovarnia in stout, grilled cod in vegetable and herbs garnish, the traditional sour rye soup and chanterelle soup with smoked bacon.

Gdańsk Oktoberfest 2017

Over the previous years, the initial reception of the Gdańsk Harvest Beer Festival, and the ceremonial opening of the first barrel of the beer, specially-brewed in Hotel Gdańsk Boutique, had been properly dignified with the performances by the following renowned artists:

2017 – Kabaret pod Wyrwigroszem

2016 – Cezary Pazura

2015 – Jerzy Kryszak

2014 – Łowcy Kropka B.

2013 – Szymon Majewski

2012 – Krzysztof Skiba

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