Hotel Gdańsk acquired the right to use its prestigious name by a special resolution of Gdańsk City Council as a token of appreciation for a great input into revitalisation of the historic seventieth-century Spichlerz.

Our granary at the end of the 19th century

As a result of construction limitations and the historic status of the building, it was infeasible to obtain some requirements for a 5-star hotel. In our historic building, we did not install the second lift in the Spichlerz part of Hotel Gdańsk. As opening the roof assembly was not possible, we decided not to install lift to 5th and 6th floors in this part of the building. We sorry for all the inconveniences. We hope that uniqueness of this place, renovated in accordance with the recommendations of the conservation officer, will compensate you all the inconveniences caused by the historic nature of the building. Thanks to giving up on these modernisation steps, guests of Hotel Gdańsk have an opportunity to feel the uniqueness of this place and its interiors, harmoniously integrated with the historic construction.

Hotel Gdańsk ***** before and after the renovation

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Historia Hotel Gdansk

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