Relaxation Massage

Contains on classic massage techniques or Iomi-Iomi method. It guarantees deep relaxation, calms and purifies senses, bringing good mood, and body and soul balance.

Time: 50 minutes Price: 250 PLN

Classic Massage

One of the most popular massages, using well-known techniques: from stroking and rubbing, to pressing down and pinching.

Time: 50 minutes Price: 290 PLN

Aromatherapy Massage

A proper touch of a massage therapist is strengthened with wonderful smell of essential oils. This combination allows for a perfect relaxation of all senses and brings a feeling of total rest.

Time: 50 minutes Price: 280 PLN

Beer Massage

Massage using special oil containing hop extract, and plant oil mix. Thanks to precious ingredients it has a rejuvenating effect. Massage leave a subtle, bitter-sweet smell on body.

Time: 50 minutes Price: 280 PLN

Hot Volcanic Stone Massage

Hot volcanic stones have a deep relaxation effect, warming body up and relaxing muscles. With every touch they transfer unique energy, restoring its optimal flow in channels and chakras in whole body.

Time: 50 minutes Price: 290 PLN

Candle Ritual

Oriental Candle Massage stimulates senses with unique, aromatic smell and compels body with warmth and silky touch. This ritual is extremely sensible ceremony performed with warm, totally natural candle oil, which leaves skin marvellously moisturised and silky smooth.

Time: 50 minutes Price: 290 PLN


Relaxing massage for Two

Relaxation treatment performed in one parlour for two persons at the same time. Face and body massage guarantees deep relaxation, calms and purifies senses, and keeps you in a fine mood. Thanks to extraordinary environment it stimulates senses, wrapping you with light, sound, and smell.

Time: 50 minutes Price: 640 PLN for Two

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