Gdańsk Brovarnia Hotel: a place known for its exquisite dishes, beers brewed on-site, and its wonderful, festive atmosphere, has recently won the competition for The Best Pomeranian Local Dish.

Another accolade for the beers created in Brovarnia Gdańsk!

Brovarnia Gdańsk has also attended the Beer Contest in Żywiec for another time. Our Old Danzig Stout, Starogdańskie, continues to bear the title of the Best Stout in Poland for the past two years, a prize first won in 2011.

This time Brovarnia Gdańsk entered the competition with a new set of proposals, the strongly hop-flavoured version of our Golden Brovarni and a new Wheat Beer. Again our products, among them the limited-editions, have won the enthusiastic accolades from the international contest jury. Both beers have won Third Prizes in their respective categories.
Moreover, the Golden Brovarni was the first among mini-breweries in the Pilsener category!

Every category included tens of entries from breweries all over Poland, and the international jury was comprised of celebrities of the worldwide beer industry. The limited-editions are created in Brovarnia Gdańsk at least a number of times every year. We are thrilled to see so much recognition for our products, not only by our celebrated guests, but also by renown beer connoisseurs in prestigious contests.

The Best Venue in Gdańsk

Hotel Gdańsk Brovarnia has won the plebiscite for the Best Venue in Gdańsk, run by the biggest news agency of the Pomeranian District, the Dziennik Bałtycki or the Baltic Daily.


During the 16th Edition of the Beer Festival in Żywiec, Birofilia 2011, the Brovarnia Stout has won the first prize in the stout category, and the Brovarnia Wheat Beer reached the second position in its own category. Te quality of the entries was judged by an international jury of comprised of the brewery masters from around the world.

The Brovarnia beer had already won multiple prestigious prizes well before that time. In the very first year of its existence our brewery won the accolade for the Microbrewery of the Year 2008, awarded by the Beer Brotherhood Chapter of the Association for the Promotion of the Beer Culture. In the following years, the Brovarnia Stout has won the first prize for in the ‘Stout” category during the 17th Brewers’ Gathering in Wrocław. In 2010 the Minibrewery Brovarnia Gdańsk won the honourable title of the 'Pomerania Top Product'.

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