Visit the Cafe of Hotel Gdańsk in its new release, the Whisky Bar, where you can try over 50 types of exquisite whisky.

Our menu includes exclusive, noble whisky from all corners of the globe, from the most renowned Scottish and Irish brands, through those from the USA and Canada, to the liquor produced in Japan. Hooch prepared according to various recipes will allow you to taste different flavours and select the most unique one.

It is a perfect occasion to try something special both for the connoisseurs of the liquor and people who wish to experience new flavours. If you are looking for a unique venue in the very heart of Gdańsk try our whisky in the Cafe of Hotel Gdańsk!

We especially recommend the following:


Nikka Gold and Gold

This blended whisky created by Japanese producer Nikka comes with its own metal Samurai helmet and armour.

Nose: Fairly dry and malty start before the emergence of the sweet flavours; toffee, vanilla and soft sweet spices (ginger). Towards the get some Christmas notes; warm spices, brandied dried fruit, brandy tart and some very light Christmas cake.

Palate: Smooth, round and warming, especially with some time, with a subtle hint of peat. Sweet spiciness (cinnamon and ginger) again, some pepper notes, maltiness and a wood spice warm tingle at back of one’s mouth. A pleasant enough palate.

Finish: Medium to long finish that is warm with sweet soft spiciness (pepper and ginger)


Glendronach 21 YO Parliament
Highland, Scotland

A 21 year old Glendronach released in 2011, and aged in a mix of sherry casks (Oloroso and sweet Pedro Ximenez dessert sherry). The result is really very good indeed. Interestingly enough, this whisky has no political associations. It is, in fact, named "Parliament" after the collective term for a group of rooks - and there is a Parliament of Rooks living in the trees near GlenDronach.

Nose: Soft smoke and lemon juice, cedar wood, apple peel, toasty oak, soft earth, date and walnut cake and a hint of freshly made espresso.
Palate: Golden Syrup, soft, juicy raisins, tangy oak notes, peach, cherry blossom, cocoa and honeydew melon.
Finish: Sherry tones lead the finish, with a hint of sulphur, chocolate, luscious fruit and pepper.


Longrow Peated
Campbeltown, Scotland

This is essentially the awesome Longrow C.V. bottling in new packaging, we're very glad it still features in the re-vamped range! Great value and great tasting!

Nose: Salt and a leathery smokiness come to the fore in a maritime combination, like a Harbourmaster's Jacket.
Palate: Light and sweet with notes of green grapes and rhubarb, a great contrast to the nose. Then comes a big blast of smoke.Finish: That salty smokiness returns from the nose providing a deeply satisfying ending.
Overall: A great entry-level offering from Longrow perfect for Islay fans looking for something a bit different.


Benriach 15 YO Dark Rum 46%
Speyside, Scotland

Matured in ex-bourbon American oak casks, this single malt from BenRiach is then finished in casks from the Jamaica, previously used to mature Dark Rum.

Nose: Sweetness, nutty. Porridge oats and barley. Caramelised sugar and tropical fruit.
Palate: Warming, spicy, bittersweet vanilla. Rummy thickness.
Finish: The rum finally arrives in force now. Dark nutty character and beautiful spices.


Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 43%
Yoichi i Miyagikyo, Japan

A non-age-statement expression of Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt whisky, named after the company's founder, Masataka Taketsuru. It features plenty of whisky from the Miyagikyo distillery, as well as percentage of malt matured in Sherry casks to give it a rich, spiced nose.


Springbank 15 YO
Campbeltown, Scotland

A 15 year old from the Springbank distillery with plenty of sherry notes and spice, dried fruits and nuts.

Nose: Fragrant with a certain richness. Notes of fruit salad and a hint of caramel, pineapple, guava and passion fruit lurk. There are notes of dried leather and old ropes. A hint of toffee sweetness and some granary toast.
Palate: Quite full and rich. There are notes of creamy fruit salad and more exotic fruit notes. There is palpable mastication from the oaked tannins with a hint of spice.
Finish: Fairly long with a gentle warmth.


Kilchoman Single Malt Loch Gorm Sherry 46%
Islay, Scotland

The first release of Kilchoman's Loch Gorm single malt Scotch whisky, distilled at the Islay farm distillery and fully matured in ex-sherry casks for 5 years before being bottled. Rather interestingly, it was matured for most of the time in Oloroso butts, but was given a finishing period in Oloroso sherry hogsheads for an added depth of flavour. Limited to 10,000 bottles worldwide.

Nose: Soy, a little honeycomb polish, burnt raisins, flour and even mushroom. Perhaps a hint of lemon.
Palate: Sweet wine, a little thin. Some old rich wood develops (as well as damp wood?) and clove.
Finish: Peppered without being too hot, a little peat, dark wood and spices.


Macallan Amber
Highland, Scotland

Amber is part of The Macallan's new no age statement range of Speyside single malts, which concentrates on colour. The theory is that by using 100% sherry casks and natural colour, the darker the whisky, the older and more complex.

Nose: Soft aromatic vanilla, lemon and barley with hints of ginger. Milk chocolate buttons and hints of Sun-Maid Raisins.
Palate: Surprisingly thick and fruity compared to the nose. Golden sultanas, dates, apple peelings and a dusting of cinnamon. Cereal notes on the mid-palate, joined by mince pies with crumbly shortbread.
Finish: Fragrant oak finish, with the mince pie notes lingering.


Lagavulin 16 YO
Islay, Scoland

A much sought-after single malt with the massive peat-smoke that's typical of southern Islay - but also offering richness and a dryness that turns it into a truly interesting dram. The 16 year old has become a benchmark Islay dram from the Lagavulin distillery.

Nose: More like Lapsang Souchong tea than Lapsang Souchong! One of the smokiest noses from Islay. It's big, very, very concentrated, and redolent of iodine, sweet spices, good, mature sherry and creamy vanilla. Stunning.
Palate: Very thick and rich. A massive mouthful of malt and sherry with good fruity sweetness, but also a wonderful sweetness. Big, powerful peat and oak.
Finish: Long, spicy finish, figs, dates, peat smoke, vanilla.

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