Our Cafe, located in the Yachting part of Gdańsk Hotel, is one of favourite spots for our Guests.
It is possible to rest here during a conference break or spend a pleasant time with friends, in elegant and modern surroundings.

Gdańsk Hotel Cafe serves many types of excellent coffee and tea, mouth-watering home-made cakes and desserts, and also our exquisite Gdańsk beer brewed in our own mini-brewery - the winner of Birofilia 2011 contest for the best beer in Poland. A beautiful and unusual decorative element of Gdańsk Hotel Cafe is a yacht model. In front of the Cafe there is the hotel patio where it is possible to sit at a table under an umbrella, and admire this extremely beautiful yacht, S/Y Hotel Gdańsk. This yacht is a distinctive component of the hotel complex and its original decorative element. The Cafe also overlooks the Motława marine and the Old Town of Gdańsk.

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