Hotel Gdańsk in the City of Gdańsk is located at the Szafarnia street, in the heart of the city, on the river Motława bank, vis a vis Żuraw Gdański (The Crane), the symbol of the city, 3-minute walk from Długa street and Neptun fountain. It is a perfect settlement for both business visitors and tourists who would like to have an easy access to all significant sightseeing spots in a walking distance.

Marine lovers can moor their yacht in a beautiful yacht marina in front of the hotel.

The airport is located in around 18 km distance from Hotel Gdańsk, and transport by taxi takes around 25-45 minutes, depending on traffic. Connection between airport and the Central Bus Station is provided by B-line buses. The hotel can be reached from the station by taxi or tram.

Architecturally attractive, one of the finest railway stations in Poland is located 3 km away from the hotel. The easiest way to access the hotel is by taxi in around 5-10 minutes. Alternatively, the hotel can be reached by trams No. 8 and 13. Walking from the station to Hotel Gdańsk takes approximately 20-25 minutes, as the walking distance is shorter than the transportation route. Additionally, the walk guarantees enjoyable experiences because of the magnificent surroundings of the Old Town, and so a stroll down the charming Długa street, by favourable weather, is a tempting offer for everyone who likes to take a walk from time to time.

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Visitors who arrive by car from Warsaw will surely be pleased with the easy access to Gdańsk Hotel with no traffic diversions. Entering the city from this side, instead of heading for the flyover, go straight and drive onto Długie Ogrody street. After reaching the bridge by Zielona Brama, turn right onto Szafarnia street, from where you will see the hotel.

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