Machine treatments

LPG Endermologie

Perfect shapes and beautiful harmonious body shape is every woman's dream

Endermologie is an endomassage of connective and muscle tissue, first in the world, non-invasive, and best-known for its effectiveness, developed by French company LPG.
Precise mechanical massage using underpressure, results in cellulite reduction, body sculping and modelling, body tone-up, and swelling reduction.

How do you use Endermologie LPG® treatments?
Best effects can be achieved with a series of treatments.

To achieve optimal results, we suggest you use the package of 15 or 20 35-minute treatments.

  • 20 treatments at the price of PLN 2,000
  • 15 treatments at the price of PLN 1,725
  • 10 treatments at the price of PLN 1,300


New - Cell Vitale

An innovative and exclusive treatment based on stem cells from alpine rhododendron and oligoelements of the best thermal waters in the world: soothing from the Pyrenees, antioxidant from the Alps and oxygenating from Anatolia. Oxygenates and moisturizes the cells, wrapping them with the lipid coat, perfectly illuminating and rejuvenating the skin. In addition, it tightens and lifts the oval of the entire face.

Cell Vitae

duration 75 min / price: 550 zł now in special price 490 zł

Radio wave

Do you know that without scalpel you can lighten up your glance again?

RayLife platform is the answer to the contemporary struggle with skin slacking and other ageing symptoms. The equipment has a special head dedicated to perform treatments using radiofrequency method. It is a new, non-surgical method of collagenous fibre regeneration.

What does the treatment look like?

During the treatment a cosmetologist pushes the head on client's body surface at an angle of 45 degrees. Radio waves released from the head raise the temperature under skin surface, supporting activity of fibroblasts, proteins responsible for skin flexibility activity. Radio waves make collagenous fibres shrink, and then strain, renewing proper skin tension. The treatment increases cell metabolism, and slows down the process of skin ageing.

What are the treatment effects?

After the series of treatments, the following effects are visible:

  • lifting of upper eyelids;
  • improvement of face oval;
  • neck and neckline lifting;
  • chin reduction;
  • smoothing wrinkles and crow's feet

Use the series of radiofrequency treatment!

  • Eye area:
    Price for 1 treatment: 200 PLN
  • Lips area:
    Price for 1 treatment: 150 PLN
  • Face oval:
    Price for 1 treatment: 250 PLN
  • Face:
    Price for 1 treatment: 450 PLN
  • Neck:
    Price for 1 treatment: 250 PLN
  • Neckline:
    Price for 1 treatment: 300 PLN
  • Face+Neck+Neckline
    Price for 1 treatment: 650 PLN

Acoustic wave

Innovative anti-cellulite method

Acoustic wave RayLife reduces fatty tissue, visibly reduces cellulite, and improves skin flexibility and tension. Acoustic wave treatments are excellent for problematic parts, such as tights, abdomen and buttocks.

What makes the effects so incredible?

Acoustic wave Ray Life can act on the level of subcutaneous tissue and corneal layer. During the treatment a cosmetologist pushes the head emitting acoustic waves on client's body surface at an angle of 45 degrees. This position of the head allows waves to penetrate respective skin layers. Vibrations activate enzymes disrupting lipid-rich cells, causing the drainage effect, fastening up metabolism as a result.

Bet on the series of ACOUSTIC WAVE treatments!

  • Abdomen: 1 treatment 350 PLN
    Abdomen: series of 6 treatment 1750 PLN
  • Buttocks: 1 treatment: 380 PLN
    Buttocks: series of 6 treatments: 1900 PLN
  • Tights: 1 treatment: 650 PLN
    Tights: series of 6 treatments 3250 PLN


Light-up, tone-up, relief

Photorejuvenation is a safe and non-invasive method of skin regeneration. It is a complex treatment, effectively reducing discolouration, toning up and increasing skin tension by collagenous production increase. The treatment effectively soothes and reduces sensitive and vascular skin.

The light emitted by laser removes all unwanted skin changes, which are the result of ageing, sun exposition and skin diseases. Each subsequent photojuvenation treatment is performed on different level of the corneal layer, permanently and comprehensively improving skin condition. Best effects can be achieved with a series of treatments. Effects are already visible after first treatment. Treatments are performed in autumn-winter season.

What does the treatment look like?

After the interview and detailed skin analysis, a therapist selects individual parameters, and exposes face skin using respective head. The treatment is performed in safety goggles. Effects are already visible after first treatment.


  • skin toning up and flexibility increase
  • smoothing wrinkles
  • vascular problems reduction;
  • sensitive, vascular and reactive skin soothing
  • rosacea skin symptoms soothing
  • lighting up of discolouration
  • evening skin tone
  • reducing dilated pores


Laser treatment is performed on all body parts

Thanks to fotoepilation treatments you can remove unnecessary hair from chosen body parts in a delicate, comfortable, safe and risk-free way. The head emitting laser beam touches respective body part for a few seconds. Treatments takes from a few to several minutes, depending on a chosen body part. The number of repetitions depends on hair type.

Use the series of PHOTOEPILATION treatment!

  • Photoepilation: moustache
    Price for 1 treatment: 100-150 PLN
  • Photoepilation: bikini
    Price for 1 treatment: 200-350 PLN
  • Photoepilation: armpits
    Price for 1 treatment: 150-250 PLN
  • Photoepilation: calves
    Price for 1 treatment: 300-400 PLN

LPG Endermolift

Endermolift LPG: 100% effective method of face, neck and neckline lifting

Endermolift is a natural, non-invasive rejuvenating treatment, performed with special equipment Endermologie LPG, using the vacuum massage technique. The treatment strengthen skin by mechanical stimulation of fibroblasts, making them produce collagenous and elastane, resulting in a beautiful face oval effect. Endermolift treatment is a guarantee of a young appearance!

Effects visible after this treatment:

  • smoothing wrinkles
  • face oval modelling;
  • face skin lighting up
  • face, neck and neckline tone-up;
  • collagenous and elastane production activation;
  • reduction of swellings and under-eye shadows

Endermolift lifting face massage

  • Price for 1 treatment: 150 PLN
  • 10 treatments package: 1300 PLN

Endermolift treatment with care treatment

  • Price: 350 PLN

Body sound program

Do you want to lose weight, but you don't have time for fitness, and all the diets have been effectless?

Unique, patented combination of ultrasound technology and electrostimulation allows for a complex and effective action, aimed at eliminating: local body fat accumulation, multiform cellulite, water retention, skin slacking, lymphocyte retention, and metabolic deposits.

Body Sound Program has been created especially for you!
Effects are already visible after the second or third treatment.

To achieve optimal results, we prepared for you one- and two-side packages (for the front and the back) of 10 treatments each.

  • 1 one-side treatment: 100 PLN
  • Series of 10 one-side treatments: 900 PLN
  • 1 two-side treatment: 180 PLN
  • Series of 10 two-side treatments: 1620 PLN

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