Med Spa in Hotel Gdańsk is a modern Medical SPA with 7 beauty parlours, and the finest place in Gdańsk. On 450 m2, on the upper floor of the Yachting part of Hotel Gdańsk, a designer, state-of-art Spa salon has been located.

In the treatment rooms space there are beauty parlours, among them the parlour for two, as well as manicure and pedicure parlours.

The biggest strength of this part of Med Spa is modern equipment, allowing to perform extremely effective treatments which let you keep your well-being, health and beautiful, young appearance. The rest of the venue is the exclusive Sauna centre.

Here guests may use saline-iodine cave, sauna with colour therapy, and Turkish sauna with the starry-sky effect. Cosiness of this part of Med Spa is created by a separate entrance, carefully selected music, light creating the atmosphere of relaxation and peacefulness, as well as professional and discreet staff.


Med Spa Tel. +48 58 300 17 08



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